How To Express Your Tone Across Different Social Media Platforms

When companies or marketing teams think about the brand voice, they should be thinking about Tom Hanks – wondering why Tom Hanks? Well, for starters, it is not just about his calming personality. The glorious career of numerous blockbusters is because of the underlying fact that Tom Hanks isn’t just a regular character actor but way more than that. The moment he comes on screen, the audience feels engaged and comfortable in his presence. Though depending on the character [...]

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The Future of Digital Marketing

Connecting all publishers and advertisers effectively and efficiently is a huge problem the advertising world has been facing since the very beginning, and it is resurfacing once again. The issue is very much similar to that of 2004 and Web 2.0. Yet the day back in the early 2000s was saved by intermediaries, who created an altogether different market with lots of loopholes for frauds and wasteful fees. This led to lesser funds for publishers and advertisers. Now, Brave [...]

How to Bypass the Apple iOS Update for Facebook Ads

Until March 2021, there were rumours as nobody had a complete idea or a clear picture of what Apple’s new app policies are or what their impact is going to be. Business marketers are experiencing the full effect, primarily through Facebook Ads, as these policies are officially implemented. It wasn’t a surprise as the environment of Digital Ads is dynamic and is subjected to constant changes and evolution. Whether it is new company policies or the government revises regulations, [...]

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You Don’t Need Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Dilemna Too many business owners in Montréal are still not open to the power of digital marketing.  It’s 2019 and many businesses are still stuck in the same processes of 1993.  Stop living in the Montréal Canadiens 1993 glory days and start reaching higher milestones in your business. Marketing is one of the most important factors to any business.  It’s the ability to create a new customer, to increase repeat customers & sales, and ultimately grow and bring your [...]

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The Difference Between Branding, Marketing & Selling

Branding Vs Marketing Vs Selling Branding Is the feel, is the culture, it’s the vibe attracts your tribe mentality into your inner circle.  A business with a strong brand will have people flocking by the masses to identify with you.  People will jump any hurdle or bypass any obstacle to be apart of a brand bigger than themselves. 1000 Loyal Members in Your Tribe The great Steve Jobs understood this with his amazing “Think Different”  & “1984” Apple commercials.  Steve created a strong [...]

The Importance of Videos for Your Business

No matter the business your in, your essence and core is your branding. It is the first thing people see when they find your company and your brand has to convince and seduce people to loving your business at first sight.  Many powerful social media channels channels are out there in order to expose your branding though different forms such as videos, pictures, blogs, etc. The most efficient one is video. A video is the fastest and easiest way to grab people’s [...]

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The Power of Social Media Marketing in Montréal

The Power of Social Media Marketing in Montreal Social Media in Montréal Social Media Marketing in Montréal is not being fully taken advantage of.. I have no idea why in this amazing city  I still notice business owners paying unenthused employees to hand out flyers on the street to promote their brand…  The WORSE type of Marketing out there!  Nobody wants to be hassled to read about your product or service on the streets of Montreal and if for the miraculous [...]

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