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The Importance of Videos for Your Business

No matter the business your in, your essence and core is your branding. It is the first thing people see when they find your company and your brand has to convince and seduce people to loving your business at first sight.  Many powerful social media channels channels are out there in order to expose your branding though different forms such as videos, pictures, blogs, etc.
The most efficient one is video.
A video is the fastest and easiest way to grab people’s attention on social media platforms. It serves as an ongoing sales representative that generates leads within seconds that the viewer clicked the “play” button. A video has to be well made, and has to represent your brand and the services that your company has to offer. This is why it is crucial that the story is clear, direct and that it gets to the point of what you want people to understand at the end of your video.
Videos come in different forms.   At TAMTAMS, we like to divide them in 5 main categories.
1- Brand Value Videos. This is what people will judge your brand by first, what is your brand? Who are you? What are your services? What do you have to offer? Why should we do business with you instead of your competitors? These videos are essential and have to be your priority when you want to create a tribe of loyal followers.  Brand value videos are all about branding.  Watch Miguel explain the meaning of Branding for your business.   If people don’t know or don’t see who and what is behind your product, you won’t have their trust.
2- Corporate Videos: More of a serious/ professional vibe, corporate videos can have different forms. They can be used to present your offices, your main services that your business offers, they can include product presentation and sometimes interviews with employees, CEO’s and maybe even sometimes testimonials of happy customers. The main goal of a corporate video isn’t necessarily to sale your product or services, it is mainly to present your company and its professionalism and to ensure that your brand is explained in the best possible way to make sure that people remember it as a credible company that they wouldn’t doubt its work and values.
3- Promotional videos:  These videos are extremely important and are there to help your sales explode.  You can have different forms of promo videos. The main one is usually the product video. Show the reason why your product is better then your competition, what’s the biggest incentive that will catch people’s attention, explain your services in a creative way. You can also present a special sales promotion, promote your new product that just came out, show your special meal of the week to viewers if your a restaurant or even show the brand new car model that just arrived in your showroom. Whatever product your selling, you want to have a call to action at the end of this video to make sure you get the viewers to go deeper into the sales process and get closer to buying your product or your services. This is where you want the buyer to be hooked and convinced that his purchase will be the best of the day.
4- Testimonial Videos:  The most powerful form of social proof for any business or personality brand.  It allows you to shatter any false beliefs or barriers your customers have along the acquisition journey.  Simply gather content of your top satisfied customers and let them talk about the excellent service and work that you’ve done for them and let them spread the love they have for your company. Human interaction in videos are the best way to reach the viewer’s feelings. You want to make sure that your video shares and evoke an emotion. A “tear jerker” in our slang.
As a viewer, seeing other satisfied customers in a testimonial video is a sign of confidence and trust that will naturally take place in their mind when they’ll think of your company. And the beauty of testimonial videos is that you not only increase your credibility to your viewers and potential new clients, but you also show respect to your existing clients by asking them if they want to be part of a testimonial video for your business. It is a form of respect and appreciation of their business and they will become your brand ambassadors.
These are the 3 main categories that we judge most important and that we find the most efficient for businesses to get results on social media.
However, there are more types of videos that can also be very effective and can go in our 1st category. For example, the vlog.
The beauty of a vlog is that it costs close to nothing and you can do it on your own. You simply need to buy yourself a descent camera (preferably one with a flip screen) and film yourself talking throughout your day about different subjects of whatever you judge that people will find interesting. Walk around your offices, show your employees, film yourself while driving or when your in a meeting, do whatever you want, get creative, people love that sort of stuff.  It became a very popular way of filming when Youtube first came out and people got hooked on it (the Youtubers but mostly the viewers)
People want/need to see what other people do in there day to day lives.  some Youtubers became so popular and famous by simply showing what there daily routine was, and obviously found ways to make it entertaining enough so that there account grew in numbers of subscribers and viewers. And many business owners found interest in doing the same thing for there company. The best example is Gary Vaynerchuck
He is a successful public speaker, author, business owner that specializes in Social Media Marketing and he started his Youtube channel to educate people on what he believes and lives by when it comes to business and becoming successful through online platforms.
And when you have his kind of success, you dont even need to film yourself, you hire a team to work full time for you, just to work on your vlog. If you dont have a blog yet for your company, definitely consider it, it will help your business grow its presence and notoriety online.
Then we move on to another kind of video that we place in our 2nd category of promotional videos, the “how to” videos.
Did you ever go on Youtube or Google and typed in “How to….” and basically write anything you want to know or find out how its done? “How to cook salmon?” “How to change headlight on a Civic?” “How to install a Tv mount?” “How to make good coffee?” and so on… “How to” are the most popular words on the web that people use to search whatever they want to know about anything. Google and Youtube became the new and most popular method of self education.
“How to” videos need to be well executed, simple, short but they need to contain enough information so that people understand clearly what you want to educate them on. A “how to” video simplifies your audiences understanding of your product or service that you have to offer and in many cases, it saves you time and efforts of explaining over and over again the same thing to your many potential new clients/buyers. “How to” videos explain and educates people and this is why you need to make sure that the information is so clear and so well explained that the client’s doubts or concerns on buying your product will be eliminated at the end of the video. The beauty of “How to” videos is that they dont necessarily have to be well made, people want to see the message and want to have a clear understanding of the purpose of the video. For example, check this video out of a guy showing how to tie a tie.
Dont know if you noticed, but that video has over 41M views. Thats 41M people that searched “how to tie a tie?” and saw this very basic yet very effective, “to the point” video that this guy made simply because he thought people would be interested in knowing how to tie a tie. I’m pretty sure that the cost of that video was close to 0$ but people still liked it because it answered perfectly what they were searching for.
So, you get the point. “How to” videos are crucial. Film your hands while manipulating your product that you want to sell, film yourself talking and explaining in details how your product or service works, make sure it gets to the point and that its easy for people to understand and you’ll attract interest with that video. You can even record your screen if you want to show people how to navigate though your website, or show an online platform that you’ve created, as long as your clear and not boring, no matter what you have to offer, make a “how to” video and put it out there.
Our next type of video, we think that it can be added to the promotional video category as well as brand value video category. It can be used to educate people on a specific topic regarding your business, a product your selling, a service you offer or even an event your hosting. We are talking about the FACEBOOK LIVE.
Facebook has created this powerful tool for us to use it as a way to engage and interact with our followers directly though our phone screen. It allows you to show spontaneous activities, events, quick announcements, product launches, whatever you feel is interesting to share to your followers, you can record yourself easily and while recording, people get to hop on the live, watch you while your talking exactly as if you were in front of them since they get to comment, say hello, write questions while your talking, and simply interact with you. This makes its the most powerful tool since you dont even have to edit the video, it is up a active the moment you press “record” and you get immediate traction to it.
So there you have it, our list of MOST IMPORTANT VIDEOS that every company should have. Its the fastest and easiest way to spread your message in an on going way on social media, and with the right target audiences, it can have serious impacts on your business. Videos can be made at an affordable price. Most of the time, the cheaper it is, lower are your chances of having a top quality short promo ad, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t get results. Whats important is your message. It has to be clear! But having a nice, professionally made video always helps to improve the quality of your brand and opens doors to more options and creative ways to spread your message. It all depends on how you want people to perceive your brand and your business. But whatever style or quality of video, the results will be there.

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