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You Don’t Need Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Dilemna

Too many business owners in Montréal are still not open to the power of digital marketing.  It’s 2019 and many businesses are still stuck in the same processes of 1993.  Stop living in the Montréal Canadiens 1993 glory days and start reaching higher milestones in your business.
Marketing is one of the most important factors to any business.  It’s the ability to create a new customer, to increase repeat customers & sales, and ultimately grow and bring your business to the next level.
For some reason many entrepreneurs will come up with many reasons why they believe they don’t need to take their business online or attract new clients with digital marketing.  It’s misfortunate to see when something that would be of real value to a business owner be denied just because they don’t understand it or over simplify it.
Let’s see some reasons why you may think digital marketing is not for you and why and how it could actually be of benefit to you.

It’s Too Expensive

It’s even more expensive losing potential sales and having to make daunting budget cuts for your business.  Plus Digital Marketing is not an expense it’s an investment.  Within 3 months our team will be able to pay for these costs and generate you a positive ROI.
Most business when I first started my agency in 2015 would complain to me stating our prices we’re tremendously expensive for Social Media Management.  They assumed it was just taking some pictures and uploading some cute copy with some hashtags.  At that time many business owners didn’t understand the power of social media marketing. They didn’t know social media companies weren’t social companies but data companies.  If your reading this right now and you still don’t understand the full potential of social media marketing I highly suggest you read this article on the power of social media marketing ASAP.  It seemed like explaining analytics, lookalike or custom audiences didn’t resonate with these old school business owners who were still stuck in 1993.
Once owners started to see the lead generation, repeat customers and sales number shoot up.  The retainer, success rate & ad budget didn’t seem bad at all.  Especially when we were able to practically pay for our salaries ourselves.
Back in 2017 we we worked with Spotfields (an online soccer application connecting local soccer players to local soccer games).   Within the first 3 months of working together we were able to triple there MRR!  You can see Younes Chabbi’s (the COO of the company) review on google here.

Positive ROI

Most of the time when working with businesses we don’t just double there return but sometimes were even able to 3x, 4x or 5x it as well!  That’s because we have a tested and proven strategy that we use with every industry we’ve worked with.  I’ll go into this more in depth below about the industries we’re experts in and the strategies we use.
If you want to start off with our basic package our starting fees also range less than a minimum part-time employee.
Better hire professionals than hire someone who claims on their CV they’re gurus about social media just because they have a hobby FB page.  We’re a huge advantage over the second option considering this is a full time job for us.
Also within the first 30 days if for some reason we weren’t able to generate you any results what so ever we offer a full money back guarantee warranty.  It’s yet to happen to us yet but for you over analyzers here’s your insurance policy.

I Already Have Someone

Yeah who? the part time employee or family member who said on his CV that they know a lot about social media!
Start taking your online presence more serious..
You wouldn’t ask for law or accounting advice from you family would you? (Unless they are professionals of course.) So why would you leave your marketing in the hands of un qualified people.
If your business is still not leveraging Digital Marketing to obtain new clients and measuring the cost of a new customer acquired or measuring your ROI then your practically aren’t doing anything at all.  You might as well not even post anything at all now with Facebook new algorithm changes letting only 7% of people who like your page see organic posts.
Ask your employee or potential employee if they are Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Blueprint, Hubspot CRM, Active Campaign Certified.  Or even just Hootsuite or Bufffer certified. The first four being the most important, the other certifications for CRMs & schedulers can vary from software provider. High chances most of those employees are not.   If they are starting salaries for these digital marketing professionals range from 50,000$-85,000$ a year.
Our business carries all our certifications and we are also a Google Partner certifying that we manage on a monthly basis over 10,000$ in ad budget for our clients.  So you can rest easy that all your accounts will be professionally managed. Check mine out here.

I Have An Agency I Work With

Well you need to fire that agency doing that mediocre work. I wouldn’t be speaking with you if I didn’t already know that you need my help.
Most agencies display mediocre work and that tends to happen when businesses get too big.   Just like governments, universities and hospitals.  When there are large groups of people there is mediocrity and destruction.
It’s always best to work with small to medium sized agency otherwise anything to large and they’ll just treat you like a number.  They pump out clients like a conveyor belt and never actually build any authentic relationships with your brand.
In Montréal I have yet to see other agencies replicate our success or any of our strategies.  For the car, real estate, restaurant, industries we have tested and proven strategies that consistently give our clients monthly results.  If you contact me at I’ll send you over our TAMTAMS Facebook Ad Library where you will be able to see the exact ads & copywrite we’ve ran.

I Don’t Need It

You need it more than you think.
Stop doing the old school traditional marketing.  Your trying to hit a target blindfolded when you do this.  It’s costly, time wasting, and non-result driven.  I spoke with a real estate broker the other day who was debating to go with an ad agency who would offer her signage and put it all around the city. They were going to charge her 2100$..  For signs that will most definitely end up being torn down and ignored by people since we’ve trained our minds to be desensitized with the many ads we see on our day to day life.
Don’t get me wrong many ads on social media are also getting ignored but that’s why you need an agency that understand attention arbitrage who knows how to create some thumb-stopper worthy content.  My partner Andre Bougie Head of Content Creation creates quality thumb-stopper content, you can see some of his video content here.  For less than .02 cents you can reach someone in your town on social media compared to paying for flyers that will be ignored or thrown away.
 A lot of business owners will also say that they strictly only take personal referrals.  Social media allows your clients to share the word about you to their network.  We have many leads coming in from people who have been referred from past clients on social media.  Launching a refer/tag a friend campaign online will pay your business huge dividends.
Another fallacy I tend to see is that most successful businesses running today were started around a decade ago.

New Marketing

Marketing then is a whole other world to what marketing is now.  Consumers have all transitioned online and now digital marketing is what has taken over our economy.  Since baby boomers fail to see the importance of what online marketing truly is they tend to rely on their old school marketing tactics mentioned above.   Or some businesses really did grow organically without a penny spent in marketing.  What that tells me is that the product or service that that business owner is providing really is valuable to our community.  Growing organically word of mouth is great however if your a business with over 10 years of experience I would assume you have all your logistics, systems, and processes down.
Why continue growing slowly at the same rate you did when you were first starting your business. Your not in the same position you once were when you had to wear different hats.  You’ve positioned your business to be where it is at now.  So why don’t you start to multiply your client acquisition strategy online?

We Do Everything In-House

Your in house marketing team needs a refresher in digital marketing.  Let’s prepare your team on the correct practices for lead generation and lead nurturing.  Our consultation services prepare your team to become digital marketing ninjas.
Some bigger businesses we work with tend to have employees on payroll who handle their online marketing.  When you have a staff of over 20 employees in house may make sense (although we have worked with businesses with over 30 staff members).
In any case when you have marketing directors who are used to their routine ad optimization techniques or marketing strategies many times things get stagnate.  Unless your heavily investing in your individual employee to see  marketing conferences like Social Media Marketing World, Funnel Hacking Live, or The Internets Earners Summit then not much innovation is being done in terms of marketing for your business.
Luckily we see them all every year and commit to product and development solely for marketing.  We’re always testing & implementing new marketing tactics which allows us to position ourselves as a leader in the field here in Canada.  Many digital marketing softwares may be great for one year but the next something better will most definitely come into the market.
If your a business who worked with a marketing agency and are starting to feel like your ready to graduate into having a digital marketing team in-house, then our consultation services will prep you with everything you need.  We break down step by step on hiring qualified individuals, marketing processes, team organization, bidding strategies, and how to use certain softwares for your business.

Gran Finale

We’ve consistently proven time and time again why we are Canada’s leading Digital Agency.  We help you and your business with all your digital asset needs Social Media Ads, Google PPC, Videography, Photography, Content Creation, Email, Detailed Performance Reporting. Just about digital asset you need to help make your business thrive in the online world.
Working with brands like Ferrari, Samcon, Maserati and many more we would be thrilled to partner up with you as well Let’s connect ASAP to talk about EXACTLY what you need for your business online.
All agreements are 30 day money back guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain.  Start marketing your business to it’s full potential with TAMTAMS Marketing.
Speak to me below on and of my direct social media channels:
Mig Liberte Author

Mig Liberte

Mig Liberte is a Digital Marketer in Montreal. He is also the founder of Eminent Digital Marketing on SCO/PPC agency focused on real estate marketing and an Automated Short-Term rental management company for real estate developers.

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